K-Clip V2


Introducing the K-Clip V2, a cutting-edge universal attachment device revolutionizing the field of explosive charge priming. Designed for efficiency and reliability, the K-Clip V2 provides an expedient method for priming blasting cap(s) to explosive charge material, ensuring precision and safety in every application.

Whether you’re in the field of demolitions, mining, or any application requiring precise explosive charge priming, the K-Clip V2 sets a new standard for reliability, safety, and ease of use. Trust in this innovative attachment device to deliver unmatched performance in every scenario.


Key Features:

Universal Attachment: The K-Clip V2 is a versatile attachment device, seamlessly connecting blasting caps to explosive charge material. Its universal design makes it a go-to solution for various applications, while also cutting the costs associated with having to replace one piece of the standard two part systems.

Waterproof Material: Crafted with durability in mind, the K-Clip V2 is made from waterproof materials. This feature enhances its performance in diverse environmental conditions, making it a reliable choice even in wet or challenging settings.

Complete Deflagration: Engineered for optimal safety, the K-Clip V2 is designed to facilitate the complete deflagration of explosive charge materials and priming clip. This ensures a controlled and thorough combustion process, meeting the highest standards of safety. It also means no small fragmentation material added to the charge, that some of the other bulkier QCC systems have.

Low Light/No Light Operations: The coloration of the K-Clip V2 is strategically chosen to assist in low light or no light operations. This feature enhances visibility and usability in environments where lighting conditions may be a challenge, providing a tactical advantage. This also means it is easier to use while utilizing NOD/NVD.

Adhesive-Free Usage: Say goodbye to additional adhesives. The K-Clip V2 eliminates the need for extra bonding agents, simplifying the priming process. Its user-friendly design promotes efficiency and ease of use. The clips easily clip together providing a strong connection point that is still readily able to be disconnected without the process of removing adhesives.

Identical Clips for Universal Replacement: Each K-Clip V2 is identical, offering a universal replacement option. This ensures seamless interchangeability and reduces the need for multiple specialized clips, streamlining maintenance and operations.