About Us

Our foundations

Breaching is an art. Whether it is learned or innate, some skills are crucial; the ability to see the problem, find a solution and put it into motion effectively. 

From our early beginnings in the field discussing the shortcomings of military demolitions, to our years of experience in law enforcement, we have continued to adapt and work towards safer solutions that benefit all breachers.

innovating change

There came a point in our service where we realized, that in order to find a solution, we must be the solution. We spent endless nights debating where to make the biggest impact on the breaching community.

We decided to begin on the “X


Speed, safety, versatility

Not just a motto

It’s years of experience working with the best and studying the rest. Deriving our knowledge from our mistakes and learning from the wisdom of those before us, we have targeted specific areas of breaching that need addressing.

We understand the deficiencies that need to be met. Breachers adapt and are flexible in adverse situations. Our community is constantly evolving and the organizations that are growing from that are inspiring. K-Factor breaching is excited to join in making our community better, safer, and more efficient.


our shop

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“KFB was founded with the same engineer-spirited question we have had our whole careers; how can we take something and make it both more efficient and more commonly understood?”

Christian Peagler & Joe Perry