About K-Factor Breaching

Founded in 2019, our business arose from a crucial need for enhanced speed and safety in tactical operations. During our extensive experiences, we observed the detrimental impact of inadequate safety measures, leading to serious injuries in breaching operations. Recognizing the urgency of addressing this issue, we embarked on a mission to develop a product that not only prioritizes speed but also ensures the utmost safety for operators in rapidly evolving scenarios. Our commitment to adaptability became a cornerstone in the design process, allowing our product to seamlessly integrate into various operational contexts. By identifying and responding to these challenges, we aim to provide a solution that empowers tactical teams with the tools they need to execute their missions efficiently and safely.

Christian Peagler

Christian Peagler

Peagler’s journey to Chief Operations Officer of K-Factor Breaching and co-creator of the K-Clip began in the private armed security sector, continued with his service in the United States Marine Corps as a Combat Engineer, and carried over into law enforcement in East TN. Throughout his extensive career in the Marine Corps and Law Enforcement he has trained others in various combat and law enforcement scenarios in the areas of patrol tactics, casualty care, advanced breaching tactics, defense tactics and much more. He served as a member of his regional SWAT team and played a vital role in the creation and implantation of his agency’s Energetic/Explosive Handling program. Not only is Peagler a dedicated servant to his nation and the citizens of his community, he is also a D1 Rugby athlete and he studied Construction and Architecture at the University of Tennessee.

As the Chief Operations Officer, Peagler’s role is to handle the networking, marketing, and product design …

Joe Perry

J.P. began his journey to Chief Executive Officer of K-Factor Breaching and a co-creator of the K-clip instructing at his family’s shooting range at a young age. He later served in the United States Marine Corps as a Combat Engineer in Afghanistan. During his time in service he accumulated extensive experience in mobility operations, counter I.E.D. warfare, and urban breaching. He later transitioned into Law Enforcement where he served in the roles of Patrol Deputy, SWAT team member, and General Investigator. After his time with the department, he transitioned into the role of Criminal Investigator with the District Attorney’s Office. J.P. brings his expertise in breaching charges and tactics to the team and is dedicated to safety, security, and excellence in all his endeavors. He embodies professionalism and passion in every aspect of his career.

As Chief Executive Officer, J.P.’s roles is to handle sales, logistics, and product manufacturing …