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Breaching Redefined

K- Factor Breaching was formed with one goal in mind; simplify the complexity of breaching. From basic mechanical breaching to dynamic energetic entry, our mission is to provide equipment that increases efficiency so breachers can focus on the safety and effectiveness of their team and post-breach actions.

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Security Tab
- Provides additional support for securing caps or Det Cord to clip.
- I.e. Tape or Zip Ties

Clip Arms
- Two attachment arms and one guide arm, allow clip to be quickly and securely connected.
- Flexible enough to be pulled away from connection point to disarm.

Dual Channels
- Two channels approx. 7mm in diameter each.
- Designed to accommodate most commonly used Det Cord grain weights and blasting caps.
- One or both channels can be used.

The Task Ahead

Operating in the role of a breacher often means adjusting to rapidly evolving situations while working with what resources you have on-hand. Realizing how budget limitations and lack of product availability affect breaching operations, we wanted to create a product that was not only user friendly but also cost effective.


Versatile Efficiency

Priming into a charge, especially under pressure, is a crucial moment in an operation. Designed with these pivotal points and overall safety in mind, the K-Clip meets the needs of all units. That ranges from the least experienced military members to advanced tactical groups.


What Our Customers Say

Justin G.
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We purchased some K-Clips for our team to try and they performed great. The clips are easy to use and most important they are very effective. Highly recommended for any operational team or unit.
Randall T.
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The K-Clip is a fantastic device for charges. It is fast to cap in and ensures positive connection between the cap and a det cord tail. I never have to worry about the cap popping off like some of the other quick-attach devices I have used in the past. The two-part clip provides a safe container for carrying the cap so it doesn't bang around in my kit.

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